Antique Dealers: the British Antique Trade in the 20th Century

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You can use the 'Search' function (see below - or on the 'Map' page) to find dealers or to find individuals associated with particular dealerships; or you can click on the long list of dealers (below) to find information of any of the dealers already in the database. 

Each Dealer entry is structured to a specific format, which itself directly relates to the key research objectives of the project. The site has information on Antique Dealers trading in Britain between 1900-2000; each entry has:

Name of Dealership and any changes to the trading name, plus a short biography/history of the dealership (if known)

People involved in the dealership (owners, family members, managers, etc)

Locations for the dealerships (in Britain, and branches in other countries if applicable)

The ways in which the dealership has been classified in various Trade Directories ('Antique Dealers', Antique Furniture Dealers' Curiosity Dealers' etc)

The ways by which the dealers themselves describe and classify their activities ('Old English Furniture Dealer', 'Antique Porcelain', 'Fine Furniture' etc)

Whether the dealership is a member of the various trade organisations (BADA, LAPADA, CIONA etc)

Eventually, you will also be able to find objects bought by and sold by the dealership and, if known, their current location in public museums across the globe - the 'Objects' and 'Sales' search functions will eventually be used to find or browse through, various objects in the database.

133 Antiques
185 Ltd.
A & C Lipitch
A A Dungey
A Cook
A G Heard
A L Bresdorff & P R Buckie
A Shower
A Walker & Co
A Weeley Shower
A. & B. Bloomstein
A. & B. Hilson
A. & E. Silburn
A. & E. Waghorn
A. & F. Gordon
A. & G. Bartlett
A. & G. Dore
A. & J. Stuart Mobey
A. & L. Perry
A. & M. Bloomstein