Antique Dealers: the British Antique Trade in the 20th Century

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IN DEVELOPMENT!....caution, people at Work!.....

This section of the project database will contain information on the objects that Antique Dealers sold over the period 1900-2000. We are currently developing a number of 'case study' objects and sales to illustrate the potential use of this part of the project database.

Once the case studies are developed, you will be able to track an object, through it's sales biography (see Sales tab), as it passes through various dealers, through time. One of the ambitions of this part of the project database website is to allow visitors to the website to trace the provenance history of objects, and (crucially,for us!) to track the changing descriptions of objects as they pass through time and space, allowing us to map a cultural geography of objects, as they move within the art market - a specific (though constantly changing) social, cultural, economic and political framework.

We hope that will inspire you to return to the site to see how we are getting on!

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