Antique Dealers: the British Antique Trade in the 20th Century

Birch & Gaydon Ltd

Birch & Gaydon were established as silversmiths in 1790, according to their own publicity - although the business appears to have begun with William Turner, a watchmaker, in c.1760, trading in Cornhill, London.  The business passed to William Birch in c.1840; Henry Gaydon joined the business in 1877 and it was renamed Birch & Gaydon.  The business was acquired by Asprey & Co in 1959. 

Trading Names

Birch & Gaydon Ltd 1900 - 1966
Asprey, Birch & Gaydon Ltd. 1965 - 1970


Antique Metalwork: Antique Silver 1946


Antique Silver & Jewellery 1948

Trading Classifications

No Trading Classifications


No People


BADA 1946

Objects Sold

No Objects Sold

Objects Bought

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