Antique Dealers: the British Antique Trade in the 20th Century

Arthur Godden

Godden of Worthing was established in the mid 19th century by Edward T. Godden, an auctioneer, estate agent and dealer in antique and modern furnishings at Bridge House, Kingston-upon-Thames.  The firm was continued by Arthur Godden, who opened a shop in Worthing in c.1900. Arthur Godden retired in 1926 and the business was continued by Geoffrey Godden, under the title of Arthur Godden & Sons. By the 1960s the business was known as 'Godden of Worthing' was was run by L.G.A. & J. Godden.

Trading Names

Godden of Worthing 1948 - 1954
Arthur Godden 1900 - 1926
Edward T. Godden 1900
Arthur Godden & Sons 1926


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English & French Furniture 1933

Trading Classifications

No Trading Classifications


Arthur Godden c.1920 - c.1930
Leslie Godden 1969 - 1970


BADA 1920

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